Volunteers Needed to Work our Tournament!

The proceeds from the St. Lucy Dan Biesack Memorial Basketball Tournament (January 5th – 21st) makes it possible for the Athletic Association to subsidize our Athletic programs. The actual cost for your child to play basketball is more than triple your $60.00 fee. This is why we require each family to work 3 shifts per child per sport.  Please check out the Handbook on page 5 for the link to sign up for volunteer opportunities.


Signup to Work the Tournament Online!

After reviewing the site and finding the shift you would like to work, fill out the form to right of this article and signup online. That is all there is to it. You will be sent a reminder by email and telephone before your shift. The success of this tournament is dependent on the quality and quantity of volunteers we receive. If you have any questions regarding working the tournament contact Matthew Sepanski at msepanski@stlucysports.org.